Pedro Delgado
[ D a r k O ]
pencil artist / mascot designer

pencil artist / mascot designer


About Me

Pedro Delgado is a blue guy from Madrid (Spain) who works as comic penciler and graphic designer. Past jobs includes revamping DeviantART and L.A. Kings mascots, Flash Gordon and Casper comics and one shitload of character designs for Funrise ToyCorp. Actually working with Edgar Delgado in Ultraduck!
Also making evil plans to move his ass to L.A.!!

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Birthdate Apr 15th 1982
Location Madrid, Spain
Field Comics Penciler / Mascot Designer
Current employer Ardden / DeviantART
Tools of Trade 2H Pencils on Heavy paper
Interests Concept artwork / Toy design
Available for Work? Not at the moment.
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